• "Arc Ascension"
  • "Bless Magpie"
  • "Ducky Day"
  • "Great Silent One"
  • "Israel Path"
  • "Natural Mystic"
  • "Passing"
  • "Skin Deep" SOLD
  • "Spring Bouquet"NFS
  • "Talkers"
  • "Timothy Grass"

Lisa Singer

Lisa Singer was raised in Colorado and has found her home in the Roaring Fork Valley, between Aspen and Glenwood Springs. As a working artist and teacher she delights in the fact that the area is very fertile ground for creating and sharing the artistic experience with others.  In the studio she works primarily in acrylic paint and mixed media creating wall pieces, and occasionally there are sculptures that come along. Teaching what she does is a true love of hers’ also. She always makes space in her schedule for teaching workshops and classes.

Lisa’s background in fine arts has been life long. After years of focusing on metal and stone, making one of a kind jewelry pieces, she has turned her attention to painting and sculpture. The remnants of her jewelry career live on at www.lisadora.com where she makes and sells a unique nonpierced earring design.


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