LIFE BEAT to be displayed at Aspen Chapel Gallery

Lisa's most recent work is a 45 piece collection inspired by drum beats which will be displayed in public from October 6 - November 12 in Aspen.  

Lisa reflected how "rhythm is energizing while not being distracting, and yet it moves in a creative direction. The act of drumming and the process of painting are a lot like life- you can have an idea of where you want to go but you cannot imagine what will go on in the meantime!"

The Storm & After-New Show in Aspen Colorado

Another miracle has happened in my painting career! The show that is up now at the JCC in Aspen, Colorado, got full coverage in the Aspen Times this past weekend. I was essentially the feature story for the Arts and Entertainment section.  It is such a blessing to be recognized for my paintings, in this area with so many very creative and talented people! Here is the link to the online version of the interview.

New movie complete!

Haley Thompson a local, film editor, just completed this new short about my art, my most recent show, and my process. Check it out!

The STORM is moving on, with some new pieces, to the Jewish Community Center of Aspen. Opening in mid December and showing until the end of february, The paintings are bigger, bolder and well... frankly the best! I hope that you can see them in person. If that is not possible, look for them here on the website in mid December!

Taking the Gallery by STORM

The solo show of my work based on storms is now hung in The Art Base Annex in Basalt Colorado. The show runs from Sept 9 to Oct 8. This is some really great work if I do say so myself!

Radio interview about solo show.

I will be on KMTS 99.1 FM- tomorrow morning at 9:30. Live from Glenwood Springs, Colorado!I will be talking about my upcoming solo show,  STORM-New Works by Lisa Singer

Tune in if you can!

STORM-Upcoming Solo Show!

I have put in some long and enjoyable hours on my new series. STORM. It has been a journey since January 2016 in navigating the tumultuous times we are living in. The subject mater is the storms but the intention is a calm, centered, peace. I have painted 13 paintings and made 8 sculptures for the solo show that will be opening September 9 at the Annex Gallery in Basalt Colorado.

I got her done!

Well here it finally is. After 6 years of having to say "no" I don't have a website. I got her done!  To all of you who have not seen my art work, welcome, and here it is! To those of you who follow my work, now we have an easier way to share! I have been blessed to be able to paint a lot this year and I am particularly happy with the "Shades of White " series. These paintings are really a pleasure to make and so easy to look at. I feel they have become a piece of the puzzle of my artistic endeavors  that has fallen into place. This work shows no sign of slowing down so I shall be having a very sweet spring.  I am happy to have launched the website and be part of this age, via the internet. Please feel free to share the site with anyone you can and also you can write me with comments and suggestions.