• " With In" Sold
  • 22 Seasons-Sold
  • Adrift
  • Afloat
  • Bottom Line-Sold
  • Coming  In
  • Dark Symphony
  • Doppler-series
  • Early Warning
  • Edge
  • From Under
  • In The Air- Sold
  • Midwest Pressure Drop
  • Morning Wind
  • Nightfall  On The Herd
  • Odds or Even
  • Out Here
  • Rain Walking
  • Resolution
  • Riding The Storm
  • Seismic Record
  • Standing Firm
  • Steep Trough
  • Storm Dreaming
  • Toward  Days End
  • Umbrella
  • Under The Crest
  • Upwelling
  • Vane

The STORM is moving on. Check out the video!

Lisa Singer's new series STORM, recently showed at The Annex Gallery in Basalt, Colorado. Next her recent work will be on display at the Jewish Community Center of Aspen, from December to February 2016/2017.

Check out the short film created about Lisa and her artistic process-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-Q2s4rWJVg

Lisa Singer was raised in Colorado and has found her home in the Roaring Fork Valley, between Aspen and Glenwood Springs. She exemplifies her feelings towards the chaos in our world through her new series "Storm." 

"Storm Series has been a journey unfolding since January of this year and is my way of making visual the feeling of finding serenity within the tumult of the world around us. The paintings are stormy, but the intension is calm and centered, unwavering and strong. 

I’m interested in the very human process of staying balanced as the energies of life swirl around us, in whttps://lisa-singer.myshopify.com/admin/online_store/preferenceshatever form they take. The objects in the series are all personal symbols of safety and hope, mingled with layers of textures and emotion."-Lisa


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